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It is possible to buy drugs, pharmaceuticals and other medical products in pharmacies. The pharmacy, drugstore or chemists are not only a place where these products are sold, but also where these products are sometimes prepared (i.e. medical ointments). Pharmacies can be operated either independently by independent pharmacists, within larger chain stores or as hospital pharmacies. Our database consists of all kinds of pharmacies and these are searched independently, so that no one was advantaged (chain store on one side or a small independent pharmacy on the other side).

The aim of all pharmacies should be to provide a highly specialized medical care in the field of drug and medicines distribution or other complementary medical products. This should be served by properly trained staff capable to provide relevant information, help with the diagnosis and determining with the proper medical product. In any case of doubt or issue with given medicals or treatment (even prescription) the personnel should consult with you an appropriate controlled delivery (dosage) of the pharmaceuticals. Generally the operations of pharmacies can be summarized into following:

  • Distribution of medicals on prescription
  • Sale of pharmaceuticals and other medical products without prescription
  • Distribution and sale of medical devices
  • Serving on the requisition to other healthcare facilities
  • Ordering, receiving and storage of medical products
  • Laboratory preparation of medicines
  • Control activities
  • Educational activities (self-education, clients towards the pharmacy)
  • Expert Advice


Many medical products (e.g. for treatment of flu or cold) can be purchased without a prescription in every pharmacy. A prescription from an emergency (90 CZK fee for a visit of emergency needs to be always paid) is valid till the following day after the date of issue, a prescription for antibiotics is valid three days and other prescriptions are valid 7 days.

Each pharmacy, drugstore or chemists should offer a minimum portfolio of products needed to ensure the health needs of the catchment area of the pharmacy. A portfolio of individual pharmacies may vary depending on the size of the city in which the pharmacy is located (generally will apply: the bigger the city, the better equipped pharmacy). The basic products that should be found in any well-stocked pharmacy include:

  • Pharmaceuticals including homeopathy
  • Medical equipment and supplies (sphygmomanometer, glucometer and dressings)
  • Incontinence products

Pharmacies can also offer additional services and products that are not commonplace especially in the smaller towns and villages. If you have a given product or service of interest, you should inform yourself in advance in the pharmacy via telephone or email, which can be found on our map by clicking on the pharmacy profile. Additional services and products include, in particular:

  • Veterinary products
  • Herbal teas and other supplements (eg. weight-loss products)
  • Medical cosmetics products
  • Special shoes
  • Baby food
  • Mineral water
  • Blood-pressure measurement
  • Advice with quitting smoking

The purpose of this website is to create a complete overview of pharmacies, so that the visitor could find the nearest pharmacy anywhere in the Czech Republic. Find the closest pharmacy, drugstore or chemists, whether you are (Prague, Brno or a small town in the South Moravia). Another advantage of searching pharmacies on this site is that you can know at a glance whether the pharmacy is closed or open. Likewise, if you're looking for a pharmacy, for example, on arrival in the city, you can check the opening hour and when the given pharmacy is being closed. In the profile of pharmacies that are closed you can find what the opening hour of the following day is. Pharmacies do not have to be found only by the position (the website can find your location automatically), but also by specific regional capital city.

Pages offers the following services:

  • Complete database of pharmacies in the Czech Republic
  • The opening hours of pharmacies, with the ability to find nonstop (emergency) pharmacies in all regional cities
  • Easy to determine the most appropriate pharmacy (by distance and opening hours)
  • User-friendly interactive maps
  • Free search pharmacies

What is eRecept?

You will see information about eRecept in the profile by clicking on the pharmacy on the map. eRecept is a modern form of electronic prescription - a personally visit of a doctor is not required for prescription to the drug. eRecept can be sent to you via an e-mail or directly to your phone via a message (SMS). When visiting the pharmacy you have to identify by a unique code (a cell-phone message or an email). The pharmacist has to verify a code and your health insurance card to get information about medication to prescribe as well as its dosage. Use of eRecept concerns mainly patients who are taking certain medications regularly and in a long term.