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Contact us today and get pharmacy searching modul for free.
  • Increase attraction thanks to a new function
  • Get an access to the regularly actualized database of the Czech pharmacies
  • Set the individual features
    • the initial position
    • the size of the searching module
    • switch on/off the searching bar
    • set the zoom of the map
  • Implement simply and let it run
  • For free
Contact us webpage offers a unique opportunity to cooperate for all internet pages focused on the tourism in the Czech Republic.

We have introduced an interactive searching “module” for site operators who can place it on their sites for free.

The searching module helps site-visitors to find nearest pharmacies in the area that the site operator has chosen.

Site visitors can see open and closed pharmacies distinguished by colours. Opening hours and next day opening hours are visible after opening a pharmacy’s profile.

If you are interested in our module or in a case of further questions, contact us on

It's not possible to require any fee for this service from third party (especially from site visitors).

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