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The story of this page has begun before the page had been officially published – in the end of 2011. Two friends, former classmates from a high school had decided to run a business together.

One of them – Rosti – had an idea of an online medical doctor that would be available for everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, totally free, providing relevant medical information. The other one – Jirka – was responsible for the coding and all IT around the project. This is how the project of LekarPlus was created. Since the online medical doctor was introduced many other functions were implemented – medical calculators, articles about healthy living and a function that helps to find the nearest pharmacies.

The last function mentioned was kind of Cinderella that was interesting for visitors but hasn’t had enough attention. That’s why we made a decision. Because there hasn’t been any page providing a complete database of pharmacies including the opening hours and actual contact information with interactive map we decided to create it. This is the story how the page of (nearest pharmacy in Czech) was created.

The goal is to provide the largest number of people with the relevant nearest pharmacies so that nobody has to wander or search a long time if the pharmacy is closed or opened and when the pharmacy opens tomorrow.

Of course, available always from anywhere for everyone.

This service was also translated into other languages to help tourists and visitors to have the nicest impression from the Czech Republic.

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